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Project Fuse is a young modern product design studio, based in New Delhi, India. This brand was broguht to life by Aniruddh Ghosh in early 2020. Project Fuse offers sophisticated, timeless design with a distinctive, minimalist aesthetic, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The products designed at Project Fuse evoke a sense of elegance. With meticulous attention to detail, Project Fuse designs timeless, contemporary furniture that embodies a distinctive, minimalist aesthetic.

Project Fuse is all about using different materials. It is the deep understanding of different materials coupled with artisan techniques that has enabled us to create sophisticated products that are inspired yet functional.

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The materials

The main idea as the name suggests, is about using multiple materials to form a modern, cool and sophisticated product. The team at Project Fuse has spent several hours studying and understanding various materials. It is this understanding of materials that has led us to use them in different forms.

We have been working with numerous materials like, wood, acrylic, concrete, resin, terrazzo, cane and it is our constant desire and effort to learn more about different materials.

Designed made in India

All our products are designed in house by the design team of Project Fuse and manufactured using the best available locally sourced material, by our trained artisans.

At Project Fuse, each product is a labour of love.